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Our club is to provide a safe and friendly environment for all persons to enjoy a social night out and help you make new friends.

It can be just as difficult to go out alone and meet new people for both men and women and we understand this. Don’t feel afraid to come on your own.  When you arrive just let us know that it is your first visit and a Committee member will look after you.

So come along to our Friday evening social dances, talk, dance, have a good time, put the fun back in your life and give yourself the opportunity to make new friends.

Help from those who have themselves experienced separation, divorce or bereavement is the best help of all. Every member of this organization knows what you are going through because they have been there themselves and know what it’s like to have to begin again. 

The venue of our weekly Friday evening dance is shown in the dancing section of our web site. 

“With our help you can make a new happier life. ”